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Custom-made Medical Devices

We are a leading company in the field of digital dentistry and, thanks to the potential of new technologies, we offer a range of unique products, to assist the clinician in solving the most complex cases presented to him in the study. In this sense, we propose solutions such as IUXTA-3D, 3D-MESH and 3D-BONE that serve to solve tho- se situations of large atrophies of the upper and lower jaws, which do not allow the use of classic dental implants.
Furthermore, we offer the 3D-PILOT guided surgery service, which helps the clinician develop a case of surgery, even with immediate loading, through a completely digital workflow that gives the possibility of having a surgical template, a dedicated and temporary surgical kit in less of 72 hours.
All these solutions are 100% customized on the anatomy of each individual patient, in this way we guarantee the highest quality, precision and adaptation to every situation.

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